Tis The Season of Love


February brings to mind thoughts of Love, Flowers, and Springtime! We have certainly been blessed with mild weather for most of our SE Mn area, so it feels a bit premature to know that soon it will be spring! What do you think of when you "Think Spring"? I start thinking about gardens, planting flowers that will showcase my home for my neighbors to see when they drive by, and Valentine's Day Delights. I have always been a mom who gives her daughters gifts for Valentine's Day, because to me, they are my greatest loves. I mean, who says a Valentine has to be someone you swoon over? Valentine's Day is for Love, and need I say more?

When most people think of Valentine's gifts, they dream of decadent chocolates, beautiful bouquets of roses, and mushy cards. I tend to think of gifts of Health and Beauty. For example, a gift of health may be a massage gift certificate for your special someone. Helping someone release the stress we all encounter, and feel relaxed is a pretty fine gift, if you ask me. Or maybe a day at the salon, where you can not only get a new hair style, but also a facial, waxing, or special products to keep you looking your best! I even have it on good authority that if you purchase a facial at All The Buzz in February, you will receive a free brow waxing! After all, you may be going out for a fancy dinner at a local restaurant or bar on the 14th! Or maybe a treat from the local bakery, now open every Friday in Wanamingo, and also open for special orders and sweet treats the days before Valentine's day! And what about your puppy? Grooming services help him/her feel good, and all these special things can be found right here in Wanamingo!

I guess what I am trying to get across here is how important it is to shop locally. We are a growing community, and have some pretty fine retailers right here, so why go anywhere else? We even have special occasion cards at the What Kins store, and cute trinkets and gifts there, for a more traditional gift. And the bouquets of flowers I have received from here are the freshest I have ever seen. So, start thinking about what your Valentine's Day will look like, and check out the specials, and all the great things our retailers have to offer! Happy Spring to all!!!