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New study shows 99% of materials causing sewage clogs should never have been flushed

(BPT) - Do you have good flushing habits? Flushing may seem like a simple, routine task, but unfortunately, many people flush items that can cause major problems for local and national sewage …

Go Green with Home Cleaners

(Family Features) If you're among those looking for ways to clean your home while also going green, it may be easier than you think. Consider these easy and affordable solutions to help you live more environmentally friendly.

This Year's Design Trend Report

(BPT) - “Style and design surround us — impacting how we feel, the personality of a room or the energy of a space,” said Laura Grilli, director of product design for Daltile. …
Keeping Cool and Energy-efficient Amid America’s “Extra Room Boom” This Summer

Keeping Cool and Energy-efficient Amid America’s “Extra Room Boom” This Summer

(NewsUSA) - Today’s homeowners are having an Extra Room Boom! This latest real estate reality is marked by the convergence of two mounting trends – growing home sizes and declining household …
When it comes to laundry, products offering a uniform scent can mean the sweet smell of success for you.

Top Tips for Signature Scents and Better-Smelling Laundry

(NAPSI)—You should have a signature scent. Whether fruity or floral, herbal or homey, there’s something about carrying that fragrance with you that makes you feel put-together 24/7.   …

Clear the Air of Indoor Pollutants This Spring

Discover the hidden hazards lurking within your home. From dust to pet dander and volatile organic compounds, indoor pollutants affect your health but simple strategies can clear the air for a healthier living space.

(NAPSI)—In the Spring, people often focus on the outdoors when it comes to air quality. But indoor air quality (IAQ) is also a crucial aspect of overall health and well-being. Unbeknownst to many, …

6 tips to take your spring DIY projects from weeds to blooms

(BPT) - The spring is a great time of year to start tackling the DIY projects you’ve been putting off all winter. If you plan to roll up your sleeves this season, you're part of a growing …

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Decades of design: How American interior design trends reflect our history
Living Spaces looks at a century of interior design and shows how historical events—from wars to the birth of the internet—changed how we decorate.
From weekend warrior to renovation rockstar: How to level up your DIY projects
(BPT) - Did you pick up DIY skills during the pandemic? While your interest may have started out of necessity, you’re ready to tackle bigger projects, like building a fence or installing …
5 simple spring safety tips for your home
(BPT) - Refreshing your home in the spring is about more than organizing closets and cleaning floors. As winter melts away and warmer weather returns, proactively checking your home’s systems …
How to make spring cleaning your kitchen and bathroom easier
(BPT) - The sun is shining, and the weather is warming up, so you know what that means: it's spring cleaning season! When it's time to deep clean your kitchen and bathroom, you probably wish there …
How much does a home addition cost?
Rocket Loans takes factors such as project size, type of room, labor, and features into consideration to determine the cost of a home addition.
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Master facility repairs with these 4 expert tips

(BPT) - If you’re a facility maintenance professional, you know the challenge of juggling multiple responsibilities. Beyond daily maintenance, you’re a jack-of-all-trades called on to …

Tips to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

(BPT) - Spring is almost here! The rising temperatures serve as a reminder that it’s time to start preparing for outdoor entertaining. Whether you are looking to completely revamp your setup or …
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5 Handy Ways to Jumpstart Productivity in Your Workspace

(Family Features) Designing a project workspace can take your creativity to new heights. Set up a workspace that lets you explore your passion with these tips.

5 Steps to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

(Family Features) While factors like climate, soil type and grass type can all impact how your yard grows, there are a few steps you can take during the spring months to help your lawn thrive.
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7 Ways to Reduce Home Energy Costs

(Family Features) When building your budget, utility bills - especially the electric bill - are likely one of your largest monthly expenditures. To help dial down your energy costs, consider these tips.

3 Ways to Use Propane in Your Home

(Family Features) A reliable, environmentally friendly energy source, propane can help power key home systems and appliances. Consider these ways to integrate the clean energy source into your home.

Lead from old paint and pipes is still a harmful and deadly hazard in millions of US homes

Lead is a potent neurotoxin that causes severe health effects such as neurological damage, organ failure and death. Widely used in products such as paint and gasoline until the late 1970s, lead …

2024 Surface Trends Redefine Homes with Bold Elegance and Innovation

(NewsUSA) - With existing home inventory predicted to remain low in 2024, many home buyers are choosing to purchase new construction or instead electing to remodel their current home. Either option …

Hobby Shops and Recreational Buildings Popping Up All Over

From hobby shops to garages and storage facilities, buildings tailored to one’s lifestyle are popular across America.

(NAPSI)—If you’re like many homeowners seeking to enhance your property and support your lifestyle interests, adding a freestanding hobby shop, vehicle storage building or recreational facility …

12 Questions to Ask Before Powering Up the Snow Thrower: Keep Safety Top of Mind

It’s a cool idea to know the answers to 12 important questions before you use a snow thrower.

(NAPSI)—Snow flurries and winter storms can be unpredictable and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) encourages home and business owners to prepare in advance before bad weather hits. …

It may be easier and faster for many to enjoy a new home thanks to a combination of AI and human judgment.
AI in Homebuying: Separating Fact from Fiction
(NAPSI)—The homebuying journey has undergone a radical transformation in the digital age. Long gone are the days of sifting through stacks of paperwork, replaced by a streamlined, tech-driven …
The house of the future will be recyclable: Introducing the first affordable, bio-based 3D-printed house
Reasons to Be Cheerful takes a closer look behind an enormous 3D printer turning natural materials into sustainable, carbon-sequestering homes.
Experts share 6 bathroom trends to look for in 2024
(BPT) - The bathroom is arguably the most frequented space in most homes. As the place where we begin and end our daily routines, this space is a vital hub for our lives. Recognizing this, an …
These US counties are most vulnerable to tornado damage
With tornado season—March to June—upon us, Roof Gnome ranked 2024's most vulnerable counties for tornado damage.
Smart Home Trends: Top Appliance Picks for 2024
(BPT) - Each year, industry leaders premiere their latest and greatest kitchen and bath products at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) — North America’s largest trade show …