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Song of Solomon: The title from the first verse of the book, which mentions who the song comes from: “The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.” The original Hebrew version of the book took its … more
Ecclesiastes: [ /uh·klee·zee·a·steez/ ] noun --- a translation of the Hebrew word koheleth, which means “one who convenes an assembly” or simply a preacher. The name of this text for us is a … more
Proverbs: [ /prah-vurbz/ ] noun --- a short saying that expresses a universal truth for practical, righteous living. From the Hebrew root word meaning “to be like”. The Book of Proverbs main … more
Psalm: [ /sä(l)m/ ] noun --- from the Greek word psalmos, "song sung to a harp", similar to the original Hebrew word and meaning. The Book of Psalms lists many authors as this is a collection of … more
I don’t know about you but that seems impossible. How in the world can you love someone who doesn’t love you? How in the world can you love someone who wants to do you harm and tear you down? … more
Job: [ /jōb/ ] noun --- In Hebrew the name means ‘persecuted.’ The Book of Job does not list the author. Several suggestions have been put forth for authors: Job himself, who could have best … more
Esther: [ /eh·str/ ] noun --- A Persian name meaning “the star.” Her Hebrew name is Hadassah which means “myrtle,” like an evergreen; myrtle symbolizes peace, joy, … more
Ezra: [ / ez -r uh / ] noun --- from the Hebrew meaning “help” or “helper”. Nehemiah: [ /nee- uh -mahy- uh / ] noun --- masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning "God … more
I am taking this month’s article to step away from our journey through God’s word to speak about gratefulness. Yes, this coincides with the month of Thanksgiving, the day coming on … more
Chronicles: [ /kränək(ə)ls/ ] noun --- the daily or yearly records of the transactions of a kingdom. The author is unknown. However, tradition holds that much, if not all, of Chronicles … more
Kings: [ / ˈ kiŋz/ ] noun --- the ruler or sovereign over a nation. The author is anonymous for both texts. Some commentators have suggested Ezra, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah as possible authors. … more
Samuel: [ /sam-yoo-uhl/ ] noun --- can be interpreted either as “name of God” or “God has heard.” The author is anonymous for both texts. We know that Samuel wrote a book … more
Ruth: [ /ro ͞ oTH/] noun --- derived from the Hebrew word  re’ut , meaning “friend”. The Book of Ruth does not list the author. While tradition holds that it was Samuel, … more
Judges: [ /jəj/ ] noun --- The Hebrew term  shofet , which is translated into English as “judge,” is closer in meaning to “ruler,” a kind of military leader or deliverer … more
I like having options and variety. I like finding different ways to drive somewhere. Sometimes I need to go to Wabasha- there are 3 different major routes to get there- one is scenic and full of s … more
Joshua: [ josh- oo - uh ] noun --- from a Hebrew word meaning “God is salvation.” . The primary author of this book is Joshua. Some scholars believe the high priests Eleazar or … more
I was reminded that as I write these articles, overviews really, that we can come to God’s word simply to know things. I don’t want to lose my aim in walking through these texts with you … more
We continue our journey through God’s story – the Bible – by engaging the Book of Numbers. Numbers: num·bers/ noun --- Completion of census while the people of Israel … more
Before we walk through our next book in the Bible, I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading these articles as we journey through God’s word. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as I have … more
The Faithfulness of God “Back in the eighteenth century, a young boy was born into a Christian home. For the first six years of his life, he heard the truths of the gospel, and he was … more
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