Repairs, anyone?


Wanamingo has some new faces in town, and we would like to welcome Jacob, Emily, Rylin, Willow and Ivy Vredenburg to our community. While it's always great to see new people moving in, it's especially wonderful when they come with skills to meet the needs of the locals.

Jacob and Emily moved here from Mazeppa . Looking for a place to call home, they found a house large enough for their growing family and purchased it last May, and began working on it right away. Their neighbor told me one day, "They are putting the rest of us to shame! Look at the work they are doing on the house and yard!"

There was a truck out front all summer that said Homestead Restoration on it, with a number to call for an estimate. I watched all summer as the back yard was fenced in and the garage was jacked up to install a new header, and lowered onto new cement. I I wrote down the number on the truck down so I could have it when I needed this hard working contractor.

Come to find out Jacob was the contractor! When I asked him what kind of work he does, he replied, "Anything but plumbing and electrical. What I really enjoy doing is fixing up old homesteads and bringing them back to their original state", so out came my list. He's been busy picking up all kinds of jobs in the area, so I decided to get the opinion of someone Jacob had worked for recently.

Tim and Mona Geise live just outside of Wanamingo, so I called them and asked about Jacob's work, and if they would recommend him as a contractor. Tim said when he contacted Jacob about a job on his property, he came out to give a bid (no charge). Tim said, "Jacob came out and started asking questions, and listened to what we wanted. We had a shed on the property, and weren't sure what we wanted to do with it. He asked us all kinds of questions. He asked not only about plans for the shed, but also what our hobbies were, and what colors we liked, and gave us some excellent ideas for our project. We made a decision based on Jacob's ideas, and his craftsmanship was excellent, diligent, thorough and professional, and all that at a very competitive price! He finished December 1st, and we couldn't be happier with the results."

Tim's wife, Mona chimed in, "I thought why would this young man want to talk to us old folks? But he listened to what we had in our minds, and was able to bring to us a very unique experience. We highly recommend him!"

Jacob says, "No job is too big or too small, so for all those projects on the "honey-do" list, call Jacob at (507)-216-1538.