Letter from the Superintendent


On June 10th, I faced one of the most challenging decisions of my time as superintendent; recommending the closure of the Wanamingo school site, which serves 200 students in grades K-4.

Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary has long been a beloved part of our community, known for its small-town charm, small class sizes and supportive environment. However, rising operational costs have forced us to reconsider its future.

During my presentation, I detailed the school’s annual operating expenses, which exceed $700,000 and significantly strain our district's budget. Notably, the shuttle services between buildings cost $63,000 per year, while expenses for lawn and snow removal continue to increase, along with duplicated services in staffing, SELCO fees, internet services, phone lines, and copiers all added to the expenditures the district pays for at two sites. Utilities amount to $135,000 annually for the Wanamingo site alone.

I emphasized to the board that this recommendation was made with a heavy heart. I fully recognize the profound impact moving to one site could have on students, families, and the entire Wanamingo community. Yet, we must face the economic challenges our district is experiencing and make fiscally responsible choices.

The recommendation to move to one site, K-12 in Kenyon, (by 2027) has understandably sparked concerns among stakeholders. Many worry about the disruption this could cause to students and families, as well as the broader effects on our community.

As we continue to discuss the future of our amazing school district, the K-W school board is dedicated to maintaining transparency and engaging with the community. I encourage you to reach out to your local Board of Education representative—whether by phone, email, or in person. I am also available and willing to discuss my recommendation with anyone interested. Our next board meeting is on June 24th if you would like to speak during the public portion of the meeting.

As we navigate these deliberations, the voices of students, parents, educators, and residents will play a crucial role in shaping this important decision.