Blue Harbor Boutique


Driving down Main Street in Wanamingo, you will see the regular businesses, like the bank, the post office, the bakery, and some small businesses. One of those businesses is called Blue Harbor, and it is open on Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to 6 pm. Sometimes you will see a mannequin out front, wearing a colorful outfit, letting you know that the store is open. But have you been inside?

Terry Kane hails from Maine, and Blue Harbor is one of her favorite places in Maine, so that's where the name comes from. She moved here in 1985 to be closer to her family. She landed in Wanamingo for the first 2 years, and it left an impression on her. She raised her kids in the Cannon Falls school system, and 18 years ago after the kids were all graduated, moved to Rochester to open an adult day care home for disabled adults.

Three and a half years ago, she was back in Wanamingo, and noticed the building where Harriet Peterson had been running her salon was empty. After inquiring about the vacancy, she decided to open a small store to sell clothing, jewelry, gifts, purses, craft items, beauty supplies and CBD products. A little bit of a lot of things! She opened her store, and was happy running it 2 days a week, when the owners told her they had decided to sell the building, and offered her first shot at purchasing it. After checking it out, she decided to buy it, and remodeled the whole building. The building now has 5 apartments and the store in it!

Well, Spring has Sprung, and Terry is offering a big sale at the Boutique. From the first day of Spring to the first day of Summer, you can get 50% off all the clothing in the store, and 30% off everything else! I asked her why such a great sale, and she said she has new things coming, and wants to make way for all of it. Having a big sale will clear out a lot of room to bring in the summer outfits, and you get a great deal!

You can find Terry's Facebook page at Blue Harbor Boutique, and her phone number is (507) 250-4503. The address is 224 Main Street in Wanamingo, and she looks forward to showing you all her treasures for that unique gift for yourself, or your family and friends! So, come on in, and tell her Cheri sent you!