8 Weeks in


By now, almost everyone in Wanamingo and surrounding areas know that Dan and Randi Romo are the new owners of "The Spot" on Main Street Wanamingo. By the time this article goes to print, many changes have begun to surface that are fun, thoughtful, and good for our economy. Meeting with Dan today, I felt his passion for bringing together so many original and inspiring ideas. There are so many changes coming, and heart felt and innovative ideas for community participation, that we decided to start with a few of the changes already happening, and sneak peeks at upcoming changes for another article in a few months, to lay out more of the exciting happenings. I mean, we don't want to overwhelm you!

First and foremost....PIZZA! I am speaking from experience when I say that ever since Casey's arrived in town, people have been thinking about pizza. Well, Dan has knocked it out of the park with his homemade pizza pie, as they used to call it. Dan's recipe for homemade crusts and sauces are drool worthy!!! I had heard so many people talk about the pizza, I had to go try one for myself.....and I was not disappointed! Not only are all the vegetables hand sliced and fresh, but you will not find the meats he uses anywhere else around here. A certain insurance man in town told me he has had about 20 pizzas so far! Repeat customers are good!!!

The second big change is the new website that will be active on February 1st. You will find it at Thespotsportspubmn.com. It will it have the menu, which changes every few months with specials, and all the pertinent info for the business, and there will be food challenges with prizes for the winners. Also, check back frequently for the calendar events for upcoming volleyball and other activities Dan and Randi have planned! More on that in the next article! Another addition will be the online retail store, with branded coozies, tee shirts, hoodies, hats and other interesting items.

And YES! In town delivery is coming on February 1st too! This is more than just a delivery service, according to Dan and Randi. It will open up local jobs for delivery services like Door Dash and Uber, as well as The Spot's own delivery service with a golf cart and an electric bike! I think that would have been the perfect job for Bobby Carlson, rest his soul!

Other news...off sale liquor is now available , and you get the "Romo Guarantee" that the beer prices will be cheaper than anywhere else around, as well as the yummy weekly specials. There will be an interactive website for voicing your opinions and asking questions, as Dan and Randi intend to make this an evolving business catered to what their patrons want. Limited time menu items will be fun to taste test, and let them know your opinions, to possibly get them on the regular menu. There will be a Wall of Heroes, paying tribute to our local heroes from the VFW, Fire Department, Police Officers and the Honor Guard. If you have any old photos relating to the Wall of Heroes, and want Dan to display them, bring them in! A collection of pictures of Wanamingo in the good ol' days will be on display throughout the bar, so come in and see if you can recognize anyone from the past. Upcoming will be a Wall of Fame, and a Wall of Shame! Stay tuned for more on that!

In the meantime, stop in and try the new appetizer menu, and the old favorites, along with a beverage of choice. There are more changes coming, so stay tuned to the Facebook page and the new website as it becomes available! Keep up the great job, Dan and Randi! See you next time!