Wanamingo City Council Meeting - October 17, 2022



City Council Regular Meeting

Monday, October 17, 2022 7:00 P.M.

Wanamingo City Council Chambers – 401 Main Street

Wanamingo, MN

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Holmes. 

PRESENT: Council:  Ryan Holmes, Larry VanDeWalker, Stuart Ohr, Jeremiah Flotterud, and Eric Dierks

City Administrator: Michael Boulton

Deputy Clerk: Karen Masters


ALSO PRESENT:   Brad Kennedy, Melissa Meyers – News Record, and Rebecca Haugen.      

ADOPT AGENDA:  VanDeWalker motioned to adopt the agenda, seconded by Ohr.  Passed 5-0-0.

CONSENT AGENDA:  Ohr motioned, seconded by Flotterud.  Passed 5-0-0.


A) Brad Kennedy reported on:

1) Clay sanitary sewer lines jetted with cutting head.  All sanitary sewer lines will be jetted in Spring 2023

2) Hauled and land applied biosolids from the WWTP

3) Swept Streets and removed leaves from the street with the leaf vacuum

4) Replaced no parking signs and posts on 2nd Street E by School

5) 3rd /Nelson and Prairie Ridge red dot end of the road signs installed at the dead ends of each of the roads.  When frost comes out of the ground in the spring a color chain will be installed with road closed signs.  This is so that vehicles do not get stuck driving through in the undeveloped subdivision.

6) 9th Street/Prairie Ridge Lane needs a yield or stop sign installed in the future.  The post was installed for the street sign, but yield or stop signs require council approval after a public hearing.

7) Water Tower project – waiting on Xcel Energy to install transformer and power at the site.  The interior tower is ready for power.  The water main looping project is moving forward.  R.A.W. completed the work along Nelson Drive/MN T.H. 60 and the north side of Prairie Ridge Estates.  R.A.W. is working on the loop on the South side of Prairie Ridge Estates to the water tower.

8) Mowed at the WWTP, community garden, undeveloped lot boulevards, and other various areas around town.



22-064 = Certifying Mowing Service Charges to the Goodhue County Auditor-Treasurer for the Collection with Real Estate Taxes in 2023: Ohr moved to approve, Seconded by VanDeWalker.  Mayor Holmes asked if there were any challenges to the certifications. No challenges were made.  Passed 5-0-0.

22-065 = Certifying Delinquent Utility Bills and Other Services to the Goodhue County Auditor-Treasurer for the Collection with Real Estate Taxes in 2023: Dierks moved to approve, Seconded by Flotterud.  Mayor Holmes asked if there were any challenges to the certifications. No challenges were made.  Passed 5-0-0.

22-066 = Approving Updates to Wanamingo Clothing Purchasing Policy: VanDeWalker moved to approve, Seconded by Ohr.  Boulton stated that the there are concerns with the prices of work clothing and work boots increasing that the buying power is decreasing.  The personnel committee is recommending the separation of the maintenance clothing and work boot purchases.  Further the committee is recommending that adding up to $250 every other year for steel toe work boots for maintenance/public works staff.  If cost of boots is over $250, the remainder can be paid out of regular clothing allowance for maintenance/public works staff.  Lastly, the personnel committee is recommending increasing the City Administrator/Deputy City Clerk clothing allowance from $100 to $150 per year.  Passed 5-0-0.

22-067 = Approving Pay Request No. 5 to Caldwell Tanks Inc. for the Cenex Water Tower Portion of the 2022 Utility Improvements: Ohr moved to approve, Seconded by Flotterud.  Boulton stated that the pay request is for $75,240.00.  Ohr asked if Caldwell would be present for filling of the tower.  Kennedy stated that the contract requires Caldwell to fill the tower and conduct all the necessary testing.  Ohr asked if there was a punch list for the project started.  Boulton stated that there is a lot of work remaining, including roughly $140,000 worth of outstanding contract work remaining before the project is complete.  Passed 5-0-0.

In an email the City Engineer, Brandon Theobald, stated that The Joseph Company has not received some of the equipment and controls needed for the Well House portion of the project.  The current estimated delivery date is February.  After the equipment is secured, it will need to be installed in the well house before the well house is delivered to the site.  Expected delivery of the well house is late winter.  Due to this delay staff have directed the contractor to wait until next spring to take the existing well out of service and construct the project.  This is due to the duration that the well would be out of service, if we continued on the current project schedule.  This delay will not affect the tower or watermain looping work.  We expect the tower and watermain loops to be operational this fall.  The existing towers are also expected to be removed this fall.

Boulton stated that staff have been concerned with the watermain looping contractor, R.A.W.  The contractor was in a hurry to find the water line in MN T.H. 60 that they only dug a small hole with where the plans showed the stub line.  Instead of excavating further as the plans showed they rushed to the alternative of digging up Nelson Drive.  The stub water line was later found less than ten feet from where the plans showed.  Staff are concerned with the extra cost being placed onto the City.  Staff also relayed safety concerns of R.A.W. not waiting for Xcel Energy to remove a guide wire and secure the transmission line pole before work occurred in the MN T.H. 60 ditch.  The contractor removed the guide wire and worked to close of a distance from the transmission lines without supervision or approval from Xcel Energy.  R.A.W. was notified of these unsafe and unprofessional actions and were told to remedy the situation with Xcel Energy.

Kennedy stated that the five asphalt patches around town were marked.  In addition, the asphalt parking lot at the WWTP and Nelson Drive asphalt patch are scheduled to be paved the week of October 24th – October 28th.


Administrator Boulton provided an update for the North Zumbro Sanitary Sewer District.  The Sanitary District Legislative Sub-Committee hosted Congressman Brad Finstad in at the Pine Island City Hall on Thursday October 13th.  The event included a meet and greet, presentation of the proposed Goodhue, Pine Island, Wanamingo, and Zumbrota wastewater treatment plant and collection system, and a business round table discussion.  Congressman Finstad was President Trump’s Minnesota USDA Director.  Finstad was well versed in the Federal and State agencies and programs that would need to be accessed for the proposed wastewater treatment plant and collection system.  Finstad stated that he would assist in the process to access these funds.  Boulton stated that the Cities would be discussing hiring a lobbyist for the 2023 State Legislative session.  Boulton stated that the 2022 Legislative Session Lobbyist was $4,500/community.  Boulton thought that the cost would be slightly higher since the lobbyist was hired later in the legislative process.  Boulton asked the Council their thoughts.  Dierks asked what we would be getting for this work.  Holmes stated that the lobbyist follows the day-to-day process, keeps bring up the project to legislators and their staff, and communicates with the Cities on when to reach out in the process.  Holmes stated that lobbyists are necessary to ensure that our request stays on legislators’ and staffs’ radar.  Holmes stated that it would be best to hire the lobbyist early and get going with their work, including speaking with newly elected legislators after the elections regarding the project.  VanDeWalker stated that he is all in for hiring the lobbyist for 2023 Legislative session.  Ohr agreed that we need to keep going on the project because the Wanamingo sanitary sewer plant will not last forever.  Ohr stated that the joint plant and collection system is our best long-term solution.  Ohr stated that we need State and Federal financial help for construction.  Boulton stated that once the proposal is put together a formal resolution will be brought to each of the City Councils for approval.

Mayor Holmes asked if there were any updates to the Wanamingo Locker/Blondies Butcher Shop approved mitigation process.  Kennedy stated that the maintenance staff have not been notified of any slaughtering in the past month.  Kennedy stated that staff had noted a small presence of blood similar to wash downs.  This is exactly what the City was hoping to have after the remedy.  Kennedy stated that he has seen the rendering truck occasionally come and go from the locker.  Flotterud stated that the City should be notified when killing occurs.  Kennedy stated that notification would help to prepare at the WWTP.  Haugen explained the slaughter process at the Lorentz Meats facility in Cannon Falls where she works.  Kennedy and VanDeWalker volunteered to conduct a site visit in the near future.

Boulton stated that the he had spoken with executors of the Reuben Berg Estate Executors to clean up nuisances at 504 Hill Circle.  The executors have an October 31st eviction date with the tenant.  The executors have asked for assistance in the clean-up, including the issuance of a citation.  A letter requiring clean-up was sent in early September with an October 3rd deadline.  Administrator Boulton requested the Goodhue County Sheriff issue a citation to put pressure with the clean-up.  Boulton stated that the citation could be dropped if the clean-up was completed.  Boulton stated that the City is also working on enforcement of nuisance ordinance for vehicles not working and lacking proper registration at 2129 Mingo View Drive (John Keller).  A letter requiring clean-up was sent in mid-September with an October 18th deadline.  The City has been in contact with Keller’s neighbor, Kenyon Police Chief Jeff Sjoblom, who has volunteered to assist in the clean-up process.  Administrator Boulton will be working with the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office and City Attorney to remedy the situation. 

The City of Wanamingo and City of Pine Island are hosting a Goodhue County Sheriff forum on Thursday October 20th at 6:00PM.  The forum will be held at the Pine Island High School Forum Room.  Mayor Holmes will be providing remarks on behalf of the City of Wanamingo.  Administrator Boulton has been working with Pine Island staff to formulate questions for the forum.  The public can submit additional questions at least 24 hours ahead of the forum.

*Next City Council meeting on 11/14/2022

Adjourn: At 7:47 PM a motion to adjourn was made by VanDeWalker and seconded by Flotterud. Passed 5-0-0.

Signed: Ryan Holmes, Mayor  

Attest: Michael Boulton, City Administrator


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