Halloween in Wanamingo


The streets were crawling with vampires, dinosaurs and zombies. Witches and warlocks were everywhere! Where? Main Street in Wanamingo!

Hordes of people, young and old, large and small, turned out to have hotdogs and apple cider served by the folks at Reckitt. Candy was in abundance all up and down the street. Halloween was upon us....

Smiling faces, children laughing and adults visiting..... where do you find this but in small town America?

Beth the Bat was stretching her wings outside of Wanamingo Mutual Insurance. Area 57 had a Ghost Watch going on, as they do every year. You can follow the ghost videos on Area 57 instagram or facebook page to see where they went and where they were found. I thought I saw Jared Allen amongst the ghosts! A decidedly motley looking crew was seen outside of GMI Insurance company. I think it was Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell with a pet alligator, but I could be wrong! All the Buzz had a dog all dressed up with its owners, and they were handing out fruit snacks for the kids, and full sized candy bars for the big kids. Many businesses participated in the event, and it was a great turn out for a safe and Happy Halloween!


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